Instruction for abstract preparation

  1. All Abstracts must be written in ENGLISH (either American English or British English, but not a mixture of both). Graphs, figures and tables are not allowed.
  2. Prepare your abstract by downloading the 30thFAOBMB-8th BMB abstract template
  3. Use Times Roman font for your abstract
  4. Title: 14 pt, ALL CAPITAL, BOLD, Center
  5. Authors: List all authors (First name followed by Last name and separate each author by comma), using Times New Roman (12-pt), Center.  Presenting author should be bold.  Indicate corresponding author with asterisk (*) after the surname. If authors are from different institutions, use number with superscript after the surname to indicate different institutions.
  6. Affiliation: List all affiliations associated with all authors using Time New Roman (11-pt), italics, centered.
  7. Abstract body: Type your abstract with Times New roman (12-pt), single-space, with justified margin. Your abstract should not exceed 250 words. All cited references should be quoted with number and the list of reference should be listed at the end of your abstract. All abbreviations must be defined. Up to 5 key words, each separated by comma, should be provided at the end of your abstract.
  8. References: Use APA system for the reference.
  9. Your abstract will be reviewed and may be returned for the modification.


Instructions for proceeding paper preparation

  1. Proceeding paper must be original and have not been submitted or published elsewhere in largely identical form.
  2. Contributions that contain plagiarized contents are unacceptable, and if detected, will normally lead to rejection. The submitting author is responsible to inform all co-authors about the submission and its final results.
  3. The manuscript file must be prepared as Microsoft Word (Doc/Docx) using the templates which can be downloaded.
  4. The proceeding paper should not exceed 7 pages including figure, table and references.
  5. Figures can be color or grey scale, and saved as JPEG or TIFF format with 300 dpi resolution.  All figures should be embedded in the paper where appropriate.
  6. A single manuscript file containing text and illustrations should be submitted, and its size is not larger than 50 MB.
  7. Your manuscript will be peer-reviewed and may be returned for modification or revisions.


Instructions for poster preparation

  1. The dimension of each poster must not be larger than 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height). Do not try to make your poster bigger than this size as it may not fit the poster board.
  2. There is no fix font size for your poster but the title and authors should be readable  1 meter away.
  3. Poster should contain abstract, introduction, method, result, summary, discussion.
  4. We also encourage you to use a graphical abstract to simplify your presentation. All tables and figures should be prepared with high resolution and quality.
  5. Do not overload the poster by using too small fonts. Too much material may mean less communication.
  6. Please download poster template for the preparation.
  7. Materials for mounting posters will be provided on-site.